Could the fall be the best time to buy a home in Missoula, Montana?

Fall time in Montana

Don’t stop looking for a home when the weather starts to turn cold.

At the time of this writing, the weather is still pretty warm but it will soon start to cool down. If you have been looking for a home in this tight Missoula real estate market throughout the summer and are about ready to call it quits as the Montana summer heads into fall, you might want to rethink that. Would your spirits get lifted if I told you that one of the best times to buy a home is in the fall? If so, continue reading.

Seasonal Home Sellers.

One thing that you will notice when heading into fall is that some home owners take their homes off the market due to fact that they do not want to move during the winter. And that goes for buyers also. They do not want to even think about moving into a new home when the weather gets cold. The one good thing about this is that the homes that stay on the market tend to be more motivated sellers. More motivated sellers tend to lead to more of a chance to negotiate prices and terms. That means you could get more house for your money.

Heading back to school.

For most families with children, the thought of changing schools after it starts turns their stomach. This could defiantly be in your favor. For this reason, some home buying families jump out of the Missoula real estate market till spring. This means less competition for the homes that are still hanging out there ready to be bought.

Saving money

Like I said in the beginning of this article, people don’t like to move in the winter. They see the days pass by and just want to get going on selling their home. There is a good chance that they will relax on sticking to their guns on a firm price and terms. What this means to you is that they might be willing on covering the closing costs, drop the price, pay for the inspection, or other costs along the way.

If you are in search of buying a home, let the Missoula, Montana weather help you out. Do not miss this chance on finding that home you have always wanted! If you have any questions, please reach out so we can help you purchase that dream home. You can reach me at (406) 926-6767 or email me at [email protected].