Grant Creek homes for sale

The lack of pressure, both in the physical space and in the way neighbors interact, makes you feel at ease.

Northwest of Missoula’s city center is a winding and beautiful drainage that traces the babbling of a high mountain creek. Nature and neighbors co-exist in the Grant Creek Neighborhood. Whether it’s the elk lingering in their winter meadow or the elementary school students, bundled against the weather waiting for the bus, you can see the connection between home and habitat. Open space characterizes this neighborhood, even in the more densely populated neighborhoods dotting the hillsides. Farther up Grant Creek Road the land is thicker forest and homes are more spread out. If you were to keep going, eventually you would come to the border of vast wilderness land that extends far beyond the road, all the way to the Canadian border. Participation in the community is available for those who want to have a social neighborhood connection, but for those who choose a more secluded life that option exists also. While this wild corridor may seem worlds away from the greater Missoula area, it’s really also quite convenient to get from Grant Creek to almost anywhere with quick access onto I-90 at Reserve Street. Neighbors often see each other on the various trails and sidewalks, exercising their dogs, pushing strollers, catching up on the latest news, or simply speculating on the upcoming ski season snowfall. Perhaps it’s due to the natural buffer of wilderness that surrounds Grant Creek, but there is a separate tranquility in this neighborhood that flows like the waters from a pristine and distant source.

Grant Creek Homes For Sale