Looking for a BIGGER School?

Missoula, MT – Recent school closures, working from home and rotating schedules have made it obvious for some that there homes is simply not big enough. In the last 7 months we have had to live or survive in our homes in different ways than we ever expected.

Some of us never imagined we would have to fit so many people and pets into a small space and try to find a way to be productive or just not strangle each other.

Given the new environment, one of the most common request I get from Missoula home buyers is the need for bigger homes. If we we are going to be shut down, lets at least make it comfortable. As a response, we came up with a couple steps you can take now to find that bigger Missoula home.

Step 1: Download our Move Up buyers guide filled with great information on what to be thinking about to make a move.

Step 2: Call a Real Estate Agent – No matter if you are looking to make the move now or a year from now, call us to for a consultation. We will create a customized strategy to fit your needs. No expectations, just good information .

Step 3: Shopping – This is the fun part. As a start, here is a list of all homes in Missoula over 2,000 SF in all price ranges.

Missoula Real Estate Home Search | Homes over 2,000 SF