Missoula Housing Trends

Missoula homes sales continue to stay strong with a 3% increase in sales year over year. Driven by low-interest rates and out of state relocations, Missoula is experiencing its lowest inventory in over 20 years. As of July, there were 216 homes on the market with 123 of them being single-family.

Low inventory continues to fuel appreciation pushing an 8.24% increase in average sales prices. The strong seller’s market has made it hard for buyers to obtain homes in competitive situations. As a result, we have seen buyers gravitate to senior brokers and interviewing agents more aggressively in an effort to come out on top of the negotiations.

Look for the Missoula real estate market to stay active throughout the winter and similar trends to continue into next year.

Buyers Recommendations: Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see what you are looking for right away. Good homes and values come on the market every day. However, they are getting picked up fast. Get fully approved for your loan for more negotiating power and interview several agents to make sure they have the experience to properly represent you.

Seller Recommendations: Most sellers are afraid to put there home on the market in fear they will be stuck with two mortgages or homeless. Our veteran team specializes in getting you from A to B with our customized plans. In fact, our clients have been surprised by how many options they actually have. Know the facts to capitalize on low rates and inventory.

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Jeremy Williams | Broker @ Bannack Real Estate