Say NO to Bidding WAR!

Missoula, MT – New Construction Homes

With so few homes on the market, it has been discouraging for most buyers looking to buy a home in Missoula. Multiple offers bidding up the prices sometimes over $50,000 from the asking price can be stressful.

The good news is that their is options. New construction homes give buyers the opportunity to work directly with the builder to create the home of their dreams without the pressure of multiple buyers competing for the same home. In fact their is more options with new construction homes than you might think.

Most new homes have not hit the market yet as developers are rushing to improve the roads and infrastructure their subdivisions. If you are interested in what is coming on the market this spring, contact us at 406-926-6767 for an update of Missoula area projects.

In this market, new construction homes not only gives you the flexibility of getting what you want, many times it is worth more by the time it is finished. Many of our builders will cover the cost of construction and you purchase when it is finished

Please reach for more information our our new home building programs at 406-926-6767.

Jeremy Williams | Broker @Bannack Real Estate Group