Top 5 reasons to consider a Fannie Mae Property for you next Home!

Missoula Fannie Mae homes are corporate owned homes that have been taken back from the owners usually by foreclosure. Unlike other properties on the market, Fannie Mae offers many incentives to future buyers that you won’t find in other Missoula area homes. Here are the top reasons to consider a Fannie Mea home as your next purchase.

1. 3% Down Payment Options for HomePath homes!


That’s right; a buyer can purchase these properties with as little as 3% of the purchase price as a down payment. The down payment can by borrower’s own savings, gift, grant, or a loan by nonprofit organization, state or local government, or employer. This loan is not location specific like RD loans.


2. Up to 3.5 % in Closing Cost Assistance!


Fannie Mea is offering up to a 3.5% incentive for buyers who purchase and close on a HomePath property by October 31, 2011.


3. HomePath Mortgages for Montana Properties!


No appraisal, No mortgage insurance, Low down payment (3%), includes second homes and investment properties, flexible mortgage terms, and many condo project requirements are waved.


4. Fannie Mae is investing in the Missoula Market.


Fannie Mae cares about Missoula’s neighborhoods and will make an investment in the property before it comes on the market. These properties are fixed up, cleaned and evaluated before they are ready for sale. What this means to you is that Fannie Mea offers a better inventory of homes compared to other Bank Owned properties.


5. Price of Homes!


Fannie Mae Prices their homes to be realistic to today’s values. Many times Fannie Mea homes don’t say on the market for very long in the Missoula market. They are some of the best values available.


As one of the few local Fannie Mae sales agents in the Missoula area, I usually know about properties coming on the market up to a couple weeks before anybody else does. If you would like more information on how you can purchase a Fannie Mae home or would like to know what inventory is currently available please contact me.


Happy Home Buying Missoula.



Jeremy Williams


[email protected]